Olivia Carey

Marketing Assistant + Associate Coordinator

Olivia started off her journey at In the Details as an intern and she did so well in our program because of her eye for details and her organizational skills. Shortly after the completion of her internship she jumped on board as an associate coordinator and has been so successful. She is a peaceful presence on wedding day and gives her couples confidence that she has everything under control. Being a part of YOUR love story is so special to her. When she isn't working, you can find Olivia trying new local restaurants, sipping on an iced vanilla latte or watching true crime documentaries with her friends! 

Bethany Jansen

Associate Coordinator

Bethany is your built in best friend on wedding day! She is down for anything and will be your biggest cheerleader. Bethany began her journey at In the Details as an assistant for several weddings and fell in love with the industry immediately which led her to take on a lead coordinator role. We have been blessed by her go-getter spirit and her care for people. She loves how unique every event is and how each couple celebrates differently. Bethany starts off wedding day with a cappuccino and ends with a late night McDonalds run and a long night sleep - it is essential! 

Emily Wentland

In the Details Weddings Owner

Hey, it's me! The owner of In the Details. My mission is to redefine the wedding planning process through close attention to detail that will leave couples stress-free and fully present during the planning process and wedding itself. I believe the wedding is simply the first day of a beautiful partnership. My part in their love story is to accurately depict who they are as a couple through color and details. Being genuine, above all else, is a treasured and rare trait I promise to all my clients. I cannot WAIT for your wedding day! It is going to be the best.

Emily Henke

Intern + Event Assistant

Emily is a newbie at In the Details and she is absolutely killing it! We can already see so much potential in her. She was actually encouraged by Holly, one of our other coordinators, to join the team. I am so glad she did! Emily is helping us stay organized in the rental department this season as well as taking on several miscellaneous administrative tasks. We are so grateful for her dedication to our team and for all of her hard work. She will be assisting events with us throughout the summer so be sure to say hello if you see her! We can't wait to see how she grows in her role this year! 

Holly Darling

Associate Coordinator

It is in her name and goes without saying but Holly is a true sweet-heart! I knew the minute we met that she would be a great fit for our team because of her ambition and determination to learn new things. She was eager to soak up everything she could about the wedding industry and she also got our social media platforms off of the ground. She has seen so much success so far and I can't wait to see her continue to thrive in this industry. Holly is enthusiastic, a helper and loves to have fun! She is so dedicated to the work she puts her hands to which is why she will be a perfect fit for your wedding day!